Because of this, we can't help but assume that the existence of fake profiles is probably indubitably rampant.

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Even after conducting an in-depth research, and actually scrutinizing each of the site's pages and corners, we ended up questioning ourselves about its meaning.

We are left with the impression that what it means is "Free."As such, what we know for sure is that the site is completely costless – you can create your profile, use the advanced search features, and send and receive messages without paying for anything. Or even if it's real, is this free service worth your time exploring and navigating the site?

It only has a FAQs page and a contact form where you can send your queries.

We couldn't even find anything about how many users are registered. Our team also searched for the meaning of the "F" in its name but our efforts were to no avail.

They do give a warning about these fake profiles, frauds, and scammers, but that's all they can provide.

It does have other security measures as well such as adding someone to the "Blacklist" or reporting by clicking the "Abuse" button on that person's profile.

Established in 2009, FDating is a global dating community that wishes to connect singles from all over the globe who'd like to flirt, date, and arrange meetups among themselves.

The site is available worldwide but most of its members seem to be from Russia and Ukraine, particularly the women.

Step 3: Login Details After filling out your personal details, a message will show up that says: Upon checking your email, you can now use the login details that the site has provided.