They are not set in stone, but they are also not be ignored, especially if you find yourself in the biochemical throes of love lust. That insufferably cute and perfect couple at the park is either in the biochemical throws of lust or has another side to their relationship that you do not see. On some dates, you might learn about someone else, some you may learn about yourself, and yet others you may learn about the intricacies of being a private pilot for a billionaire (yup, true story there).

Three: Release Expectations and View Each Encounter as a Lesson This is a big one. If you enter each date excepting a positive experience, you will be disappointed at least some of the time.

One: Your “Must Haves” Take some time to generate this list; do not assume what it contains.

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So lead her to the inside of the sidewalk so she would not be ran over by an SUV, even if there is a very little percentage that would actually happen.

Do not let her win – If the two of you are competing over something, whether it is a set of tennis or a round of Words with Friends, never throw the game because she will know.

As you list your “must haves,” try not to censor them; your subconscious may know more about what you need than your rational mind does at this point.

Two: Your “Must Not Haves” This list compliments the one above and, in fact, you may find that it is generated at the same time. Even the ambiguous will have meaning to you as you meet people.

Move her to the inside of the sidewalk – This is one small gesture that would score major points.

Every female likes to feel that you are keeping her safe, but not too much that you come off as a controlling and manipulative.

Think about several things: Are you drinking too much?

___ Dating after divorce tends to be a deliberate action, entered into consciously and tentatively after years or even decades with the same person.

Do not insist on footing the bill on anything – It is one thing to pay the bill for the first few dates, but suggesting to fund her shopping sprees and trips to the nail spa is another.