This is a standout sushi experience in Jerusalem and a date night here is guaranteed to be memorable.Hahatzer (The Courtyard) Mediterranean restaurant Hahatzer is a classic date spot that, although not as well known as some of the others on this list, has all the makings of a great night out: delicious food, good location, at 7 Bethlehem Road, and sophisticated atmosphere.

The food is also good, with an array of coffees and teas, as well as pasta dishes and their signature shakshuka.

They also frequently have events like author talks, poetry readings, and even live music. I like that it’s stowed away and private, but still relatively central so you can get away if the date isn’t everything you hoped it would be.

It attracts young, hip Israelis and Americans alike with great coffee and food, including salads, sandwiches and pasta dishes.

Even the photography and the art on the walls rotates because it’s too cool to stay stagnant.

Mahaneh Yehuda Market The list would be incomplete without including shuk Mahaneh Yehuda.

With its ever-changing array of bars and unique restaurant offerings, the shuk is a staple of Jerusalem nightlife.

Nagila Nestled in an alleyway between Agrippas Street and Jaffa Road sits Nagila, a vegan and vegetarian oasis that boasts fresh and healthy ingredients.

The menu features delicacies such as Caribbean Sambusac; curry- flavored dough stuffed with spicy vegetables; and vegan moussaka, a play on the traditional Greek dish made from baked eggplant pockets stuffed with tofu and green lentils and smothered with a flavorful tomato sauce.

It’s called Nocturno Live, and as the name suggests, the venue hosts live music almost every night.