embed=snippet 8255492] the setter is not supposed to fire when an item is added, since you collection is of type observable, it should update the UI.

wpf combobox itemssource binding not updating-84

instead of dxg: Look Up Edit can u try using wpf's combobox, is dxg: Look Up Edit a custom/thrid party control ?

xaml looks fine other wise , when Raise Property Changed is invokes, it notifes the control that Server proerty has changed and needs to bind,as you said this is a hack.

How can I tell this view to "refresh its bindings" so that it shows the actual data.

It feels like I am going about WPF here with too much of an HTML/HTTP metaphor, I sense there is a more natural way to get Observable Collection to update itself, hence its name, but this is the only way I can get the user to be able to edit data in a WPF application at the moment. , you can add and remove and the list will stay in synch.

Hi, I have an Observable Collection in my View Model that I'm binding to the Items Source of a Combo Box.

The problem I'm having is in the Get Databases method where it adds a string to the Database collection.

The default is Default, which returns the default Update Source Trigger value of the target dependency property.

However, the default value for most dependency properties is Property Changed, while the Text property has a default value of Lost Focus.

In this pattern, all the controls on your form are data bound to properties on your “View Model” class.