The cross-cultural social experiment dint turnout very well. If my companion at the first date pays only his drinks and then he waits at the bar until I stand up, arrive to the bar and pay for my part of the bill, isn’t it a bit weird? I dated a guy from mainland China for one month and I also went on a date with a Taiwanese one. Even though I don’t see it is automatic that the boy should pay for the girl all the time, there are still some basics.But you guys have had feminism for some time now – just look at the culture minister, Lung Ying-tai!

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Ja som byvala ta, ktora drzala jemu dvere, na prvom rande som zaplatila za obed ja, a podobne veci…no hroza 😀 potom som sa zacala stazovat a kusok robit sceny a vtedy to zabralo x DD z mojej skusenosti Japonci su v tomto omnoho lepsi :/ It seems you are very unconventional – Czech woman in Taiwan, so it seems you need to find a more oddball rather than traditional character. Sounds like it didnt really get to a relationship stage to call either boyfriend, but yet you criticize them for getting too serious too fast.

Try dating a lot more than 2 guys before proclaiming some kind of insight. Well Veronika, I do feel sorry for your lousy experiences dating Chinese men.

I just came across this blog about sex lives of foreign women in Taiwan: thought it’s interesting.

Hi there, cracked me up because I can totaly related to what you are talking about dating with a Taiwanese guy.

Taiwan has had love marriage – real love marriage, with dating and all that – for a lot less time than the USA has had it.

Love marriages of course happened, but I’m talking about a prevalent culture in which love marriage with all the requisite dating and decisions is the norm, rather than one, somewhat frowned upon option in a sea of others from parent match-ups to matchmakers to business arrangements.

Taiwan has many guys who are interested in genuinely treating a woman well – not assuming automatic authority, locking anyone in golden cages or insisting on seeing you constantly.

I also see it this way: things are bound to change.

I am sorry that you have dated with the wrong guys as I am sure there are some gentlemen out there in Taiwan.

Sherry A Taiwanese girl who happily married with an American and living in the States.

The moment the jealousy won over the respect to me, I knew it is time. There are 1 billion in China and 23 million people in Taiwan. I hope you don’t generate an impression against the local guys already.