Note: This episode was originally produced for season three.Absent: Sabrina Le Beauf and Geoffrey Owens Rudy goes to an older widowed lady's (Eileen Heckart) house each afternoon to have tea and play cards, but notices that she refuses to take her daily medication for diabetes.

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Phylicia Rashād appeared on the episode of A Different World which aired later that evening.

Absent: Sabrina Le Beauf and Geoffrey Owens When the Huxtable men go fishing, Theo catches the dead body of a gangster that the police have been chasing, and soon attracts attention from the news media.

This page contains a list of episodes for the third season the NBC-TV sitcom The Cosby Show.

The series aired from September 20, 1984 to April 30, 1992 with 201 episodes produced spanning eight seasons.

Russell and his friends read scenes from the play aloud, and Theo is enthralled.

Later, the men read from a different work of literature-a story Rudy wrote.

The newlywed Sondra and Elvin return from their honeymoon with shocking news for Cliff and Clair: they want to abandon their dreams of being a lawyer and doctor and open an outdoorsman's "wilderness store." Note: Geoffrey Owens (Elvin) becomes a regular cast member.

Theo and Cockroach come home unusually late from a track meet, and the Huxtables got a phone message earlier from the track coach.

This success goes to his head, while Rudy and Kenny find a nest of baby birds, but the mother bird is missing.