Sadly, it looks like In this latest romantic drama, we follow Tessa Young - played by newcomer Josephine Langford - a college student who falls for the questionable bad boy Hardin Scott, played by Hero.The pair embark on a relationship which features more ups and downs than any respectable theme park.Reportedly, if all goes well in the box office, we will see more of Tiffin as there are more subsequent books in the series to go.

Talking particularly about his uncles, Fiennes describes them to be very supportive despite their busy acting careers -which often mean that they are away most of the times.

It, therefore, does not come as a surprise that he is slowly taking after their footsteps as a successful figure in the film industry.

The career of Hero Fiennes-Tiffin extends far from the screen.

Heartthrob Hero Fiennes-Tiffin has impressed a lot of people lately, but it appears not one of them is a film critic.

Essentially, Jenny's film chronicles a toxic-relationship with twists, turns and a slapdash catharsis at the end which would make even the most teenage of audiences question the characters' authenticity.

The relationship at its core has received the most fire from critics, leading to a dreadfully unfavourable Metascore of 30.

Even so, he appreciates the built-in support system he has been brought in, especially now that he’s setting his own career.

He goes on to describe his whole extended family to be very supportive in general.

Although some fans suspect he's dating his a year later.