However this momentum would not carry them in the finale as they would make a critical mistake in allowing their cab to leave them at the Fireman Training roadblock.

Apparently the producers were obviously taking notes regarding the difficulty of previous seasons and the ever-increasing presence of savvy teams and decided to hit them with even more challenges.

Other changes included a leg with 2 Roadblocks and a Detour, 3 separate legs with U-Turns, a speed bump that required both team members to finish a Roadblock, and a finale which included not one, but three separate memory challenges.

Naturally, this resulted in Justin getting more and more cocky as the race went on, gaining much hatred from their fellow teams.

They would luck their way into the final 3 after a disasterous 11th leg in which they would survive a 55 minute penalty.

After that win, however, they fell to the back of the pack when Denise struggled with the Detour in France and never quite resurfaced after that.

After finishing Leg 9 just ahead of Tanner & Josh, the next leg saw them starting far behind the rest of the pack without an equalizer to catch up as James Earl struggled to untangle the balloon net at the Roadblock.

Come leg 7, they would go on to finish second for five consecutive legs, always minutes behind the lead teams and becoming Justin and Diana's main threat after the Texas boys were eliminated.

Though they usually kept smiles on their faces, being the only team in the top three that hadn't had instances of consistent bickering, they were very much of the This Is a Competition mindset, playing around with both sides of the Justin & Diana debate and using the second U-Turn on Tanner and Josh, even though they had a Speed Bump to complete.

Despite Chris & Logan getting U-Turned, they were not able to recover and were subsequently eliminated in 5th place. They started out strong, finishing in first and second for the first four legs and becoming Justin and Diana's main rivals.

However, they got too overconfident and ended up taking their time on the later legs, allowing other teams to pass them.

Though they were initially in third for the first part of the finale, they were the only team to keep their cab at the Roadblock, ushering an intrusive Logan and Chris out when they tried to steal it, and never lost their lead after that, finishing in first and winning the race.