Being a model only helps when it comes to showing people the finished product. C&H: Can you share some of your short or long term goals beyond Run My Renovation? I want to focus on women, empowering them to do home improvements, and educate themselves on the in’s and outs of truly doing it yourself. (I grew up near Fallingwater) But so many new designers are catching my eye with new things for the home!

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Joanie: I think DIY Network’s how to videos are great, but not only that, taking the free classes at Lowe’s and Home Depot are fantastic!

While we've heard of new mothers eating their placenta, we've never seen anyone share it with someone else too ... What do you think of Lisa's "Placenta smoothie party" -- are you sad you didn't get an invite?

and one of the highlights was a happenstance encounter with Joanie Sprague, who is now part of the new cast for the return of Trading Spaces on TLC.

The Built to Shred crew had raised the bar with their spiral of death ramp and I was impressed by the complexity of the skate ramp structures that it seemed only a daredevil would ride.

Everything is Thrifted and or came from our own homes.

Check out my insta stories today to see Jen thriftedbungalow as she clamps out my tent for our date night. Can’t wait to see what she does with the shiftpod #ff… Stay tuned this week for a review of the new fall line for women from Carhartt.

Among the crew of skaters and builders a tall blonde stood out who seemed much more focused on the construction of the ramps than the antics of the skaters.

I introduced myself and near the end of our conversation Joanie humbly mentioned that she was a host of her own show.

I have learned so much, and I am sure I will continue to learn. C&H: Can you share the story of how a Top Model became a DIY Network TV personality? Favorite Film “Ciao Manhattan” or “Love Me If You Dare” 7.