Then 81 years old, Nabors told news in 2012 that he was still honored to sing the song.Jim Nabors, Stan Cadwallader Pictures Jim Nabors, Stan Cadwallader Photo 1 Jim Nabors, Stan Cadwallader Photo 2 Jim Nabors, Stan Cadwallader Photo 3 In January 2013, LALATE reported news that Stan Cadwallader and Jim Nabors were married quietly a month before in December 2012. Cadwallader was a Honolulu firefighter that the time they first met.Jim Nabors married husband Stan Cadwallader two years ago.

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LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Jim Nabors’ Indy 500 final performance is just a few minutes away.

Nabors was clear that he never kept his relationship a secret from friends and family.

But he had no desire to ever make what he called would be a “public spectacle” out of his relationship.

While everyone anticipated that Jim Nabors Indy 500 opening act would start Sunday’s race, fans were shocked this week when Nabors dropped a bombshell.

After years of surviving fake death reports, one missed performance, and other twists, Nabors told news that today’s performance will be his last.Then progressively, Cadwallader began working for Nabors.Nabors granted a sole news interview in January 2014 to confirm his marriage to Cadwallader.A popular urban legend states that Hudson married Jim Nabors in the 1970s.While Hudson was closeted at the time, the two never had anything beyond a friendship.But he said he no intentions, then nor now, to become involved in the gay marriage debate.