‘Her book is written in essay form where there’s no narrative per se or even a thread running through it; it’s just chapters about different periods of her life and that works brilliantly.I’d toyed with doing my book that way but it felt that the right thing was to write about a concentrated period of time.’While tour is more akin to a series of book events with stand-up bits included, Suttie isn’t leaving the live comedy world behind.

I never thought I’d go into comedy though I was always larking about and playing the fool at school.

I used to write these serious songs and, around 18, really thought I could be a folk singer and an actress.

The cast of You Instead - 2011 includes: Kassidy as Themselves Mathew Baynton as Tyko Cora Bisset as J. Kari Corbett as Kirsty Newton Faulkner as himself Ruta Gedmintas as Lake Gilly Gilchrist as Bruce the Roadie Alastair Mackenzie as Mark Jo Mango as herself Jerry Millichip as Security Guard Joseph Mydell as The Prophet Jonny Phillips as Jay The Proclaimers as Themselves Stephen Sherriff as Guy at Campfire Heather Suttie as Herself - Presenter…

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And nor is it me going about leaving my knickers on rugby posts.

It’s quite an honest account of me bumbling through life trying to make the best of things.’When she came to deciding how she wanted to structure .

‘It culminated in a bet where if I didn’t end up with a boyfriend in a month I’d go on a date with someone that she’d chosen. I talk a lot in the book about the nature of relationships according to my experience and the fact that I know more unhappy people who are in relationships than aren’t.

This isn’t a book that’s the equivalent of a romcom where I’m all Bridget Jonesy and eventually find someone to live happily ever after with.

My mates and I set up a group called, ‘Secret Seven’.