'Confusion Girl' made me sway tamely, expressionless, like I was listening to a remixed nursery rhyme. The song jumps straight into the catchy chorus, and that's great, but when you realise that the tempo isn't going to change and there's to be no real climax from then on in, you soon get bored.Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come from Frankmusik.He really does have a knack of producing some great electro-pop dance tunes, and unlike other male artists making the same sound, he really can sing (sorry Calvin).

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Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Peter Andre and Katie Price, Hulk Hogan and Mrs Hogan.

What do these three couples have in common, apart from enough dosh to fill a gold plated indoor pool using £50 notes?

Title track ‘Complete Me’ is the ballady one, for those of you playing pop album bingo, and in a spirit of fairness I’ll concede that album closer ‘Run Away From Trouble’ does demonstrates a little variety – it’s an eight minute epic where Frank goes a little bit emo. Or is it simply the moment when the music industry’s demand for fashionable electro-pop stars finally outstripped the supply of talent?

As with the truly serious cases of music torture, a silent protest is the best response.

We start with ‘In Step’ which I think might be Frank’s tone-deaf attempt to do MGMT’s ‘Time To Pretend’.

It’s probably the album’s highpoint, simply by virtue of the fact that it’s all downhill from here.

We know Vincent is gonna be a star , but the production of this track , has stripped him of his energetic and unpredictable personality.

Yeah , it's got a tuneful chorus full of melody , but this could and should have been , much , much better .

And you should too, as it’s a good and noble cause, but what I found myself pondering was who chooses the music? Use of Metallica and the Barney the Dinosaur theme have been widely reported, but presumably even your treasured favourites quickly become oppressive when played endlessly, repeatedly at loud volume. Vincent Frank, the geek pie haircut behind Frankmusik, appears to have been pondering the same question as he’s crafted a whole album so stagnantly repetitive that one listen gives the illusion of having already been subjected to the same song again and again and again and again.

However, in an act of superlative subversion he’s actually also created music so offensively inane that it will surely breed righteous anger in the bosom of anyone who hears it.

’ is presumably his callous, mocking enquiry to his newly single ex. ‘Confusion Girl’ is the big power-pop single, the one that’s been infesting commercial radio and echoing around the vacant skulls of a thousand dead eyed stag parties in sticky floored clubs with names like ‘The Venue’ up and down the country. It’s basically haphazard electronic beats scattered over the The Stranglers' paean to smack, which seem designed to rob it of the original’s air of menace and turn it into workaday synth-pop.