Rose to fame starring on the Style Network reality series Jerseylicious alongside Olivia Blois Sharpe and Tracy Di Marco.

She's become extremely popular on social media, earning upwards of 90,000 Twitter followers and more than 90,000 Instagram fans.

On August 26, 2014, Tracy Di Marco announced on her social networks that she was filming something for E!

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Her ex-boyfriend Frankie Buglione also starred on Style's Jerseylicious.

She starred alongside the Gatsby Salon's manager Christy Pereira on Jerseylicious.

She joined the Twitter universe in 2010 and followed in 2011 with her first tweet, reading "thinkin Gg of wat colo R to dy E my hai R!!!

=)." In addition to starring on Jerseylicious, she has also worked as a hairstylist for the Gatsby Salon.

Alexa invites Olivia to a Glam Fairy photoshoot to test her skills.

Short Summary= Alexa tries to expand her business with a Bollywood-inspired photo shoot and a music video.

The Gatsby Salon, where the series is based upon, relaunched with a multimillion-dollar renovation and began hiring new employees in 2009, which included two of the main cast members: Tracy Di Marco and Olivia Blois Sharpe.

The season later aired in countries where the Style Network still exists.

Short Summary=The Gatsby follows through on Olivia's idea to turn the salon into a mobile service, starting with a girl's Sweet 16; Filly helps the stylists get in shape with a boot camp; Olivia becomes Thomas' muse.