Honestly, we don't know if it was an inside joke or if someone pranked David Beador by telling him that using the "#discreet" hashtag would somehow make his comments invisible to everyone but the recipient.

(He and Lesley have both used "#discrete" which is also a word but not with their intended meaning) Because he's used that hashtag multiple times in comments and ... Lesley Cook shared on Instagram that she really wore herself out exercising, and David revealed in the captions that he had been helping her along.

" star's new romance with the mother of two, Cook took to Instagram to shut down her haters and proclaim her happiness.

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Mostly he has just retained this declaration that he is .

A couple of years ago it was at the social media event; that someone asked a question about his personal life?

let’s inspire one another to live happy [and] healthy lives," Lesley Cook wrote in her Instagram post earlier this week, according to a report by Radar Online on February 13. Everyone deserve to be happy [and] find peace,” she added.

News of 53-year-old David Beador's romance with the younger woman hit the web earlier this week and ever since, Cook has been flooded with the opinions of the many viewers of the Bravo TV series who watched Beador's marriage to estranged wife Shannon come to an end just months ago.

In the captions of the photo of the two of them, which was posted on January 14th, Lesley simply wrote: "Bumped into this guy ..." Lesley said that the photo was at 2am in Las Vegas when speaking to her aunt.

It was only when someone called David hot and Lesley "lucky" that David chimed in, insisting that That's not the only instance.

Just because Shannon Beador is divorcing David and plans to take everything doesn't mean that David's life is over. In fact, it looks like David has found a new lady love.

And these two don't seem to care anymore who knows.

Lesley Cook also included a meme with her Instagram post, which read, “Don’t worry about the people who aren’t happy for you.

They probably aren’t happy for themselves either.” According to a report by Radar Online, David Beador has been dating Lesley Cook since at least December of last year, which was just two months after Shannon Beador confirmed their separation.

Then he came up with the reply that he is looking for a life partner who is confident and beautiful.