In addition, she blushed, when Ellen De Generes asked her about Ryan Gosling at her show.

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Two actors keep their relationship out of limelight, that’s why when Eva attended Ellen De Generes show, being on early stage of her pregnancy, she didn’t tell about it. Esmeralda was born in Santa Monica, CA and has become the first child of both A list Hollywood stars.

Parents try to keep the girl away from public attention, that’s why not so many Esmeralda pics can be found in media.

But being off the big screen, Eva Mendes was quite shy.

She dated just a few times during the years of her career.

Nevertheless, Ryan seems to be happy with his family life.

“I have never thought, that creating family is a romantic thing, but in my life it happened in that way”, he said once.

At first the couple tried to keep their love in secret, but then appeared in public on a romantic date in Disneyland.

After that Eva and Ryan started to attend public events together.

In addition, during several seasons he participated in “The Mickey Mouse Club” alongside Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

His first serious role was in the film “The Believer”.

That film turned two young unknown actors into stars.