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When his emotions become too much for her to handle, she breaks up with him, with the last thing she ever says about him to her friend Rhonda is “No, I hope I never see him again.” On the same day, Andy skips school and stays home and decides to use his dad's hunting rifle to commit suicide in order to get rid of all the pain and guilt.

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In The Book Tears Of A Tiger Andy Dies Because He Had Been Going Thorough So Much Stuff In The Book Like With His Best-friend When He Died And He Thinks Its All His Fault And When Keisha Breaks Up With Him Because She Couldn't Take Andy Stuff Any More So He Kills His Self At the beginning of the story, Andy accidentally killed his best friend, Robbie, in a car accident.

Monty told him that he'd always love Andy and would always miss him.

Draper conceived the book's style and format in different ways.

It was hard to talk to his friends and parents about his feelings.

His grades were getting worse, and he even ran out of English class when they were talking about suicide and death in Shakespeare's Macbeth. This chapter is crucial because it shows that Monty is very quick to pick up on Andy's emotions and how his older brother is feeling.

Keisha is Andy's girlfriend throughout most of the novel.

Initially after the crash, she is extremely patient with Andy.

His friends are really upset and write letters to him, wishing he'd had asked for help instead of ending his life without saying goodbye. prays for Andy, hoping he'll go to Heaven too, no matter how stupid he acted. In the last chapter entitled “The Tears of a Tiger”, Andy's mom drives Monty to Andy's gravesite.

Tyrone said he'd never forget the night Rob died, Gerald was angry that Andy didn't have courage, Rhonda wanted to know if Andy was thinking about his family, and Keisha hated that he was dead, and hoped he'd go to heaven. While sitting there, Monty talks about how it was selfish of Andy to leave before his 7th birthday, before he could teach Monty to talk to girls, and before he could teach Monty how to play basketball.

The story is told through multiple different formats such as journal entries, first person narratives, and newspaper articles.