The Apple TV adds convenience because you can display video from your i Pad wirelessly on your TV by using the Apple TV.

You can connect your i Pad directly to your TV but you will need to buy an AV cable.

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I would expect since I am under warranty that I would get one, the store and Apple can arrange for return and stock replenishment.

This is how most faulty equipment in retail is handled.

On the latest update with Apple TV - apple made their TV compatible with the Apple Bluetooth keyboard.

To pair the devices, on Apple TV go to settings - Bluetooth - Turn the Bluetooth and The keyboard on - After searching the TV should find the keyboard (if it is in range) When it does it will ask you to type in a 4 digit code on the keyboard to pair the 2 devices. No, you do not have to have an Apple TV to connect your i Pad to the TV.

I would also expect them to at least run the diagnostics as Apple Care said they would, they said they were saving me time by not running.

It is dead to the user, white light indicates it was at least getting power.Yes, the newest Apple TV has been downsized greatly from the previous Apple TV.This is because the older Apple TV included a harddrive inside it while the newer generation only has 8 or 16 GB of flash memory which is a lot smaller (Same memory that is found in the i Phone/i Pod Touch) Might need a software update mine did mine is a jvc lt-42pm30 and it needed an update this update is supposed to fix tv turning off and on, picture freezing, tv going into service mode and other issues hope i helped Apple TV first launched on March 21, 2007 with the shipping of its first generation release with a 40GB hard disk.i returned home after being away (1 day) and i turned on tv and appletv led light flashing, with warning symbol :, when referring to this is suggest that the latest software update was the cause and that I should run the update again, however I have no idea where to access the latest i Tunes update on my i Mac. All the help sections show you just plug up the Apple TV to the computer and i Tunes will recognize.How to restart your Apple TV - Apple Support The store did send off my Apple TV, got the new one 2 days later.There have been three generations of Apple TV, with the most recent launching in March 2012.