A Hotmail address to add to your MSN Messenger friend list was a completely treasure at the time being.

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For years the IRC webchats plus MSN Messenger were the king of online communication.

The launch of random chats changed the way we communicated online for several years.

We must also remember other programs such as ICQ or AOL, which were popular in the United States, but they were unknown in the rest of the world.

It seems like Omegle was the first one creating a random chat, It seems like Omegle started as a random text chat, giving you the opportunity of chat with strangers.

Random chats joined IRC chat and webcam chat in one.

Most importantly, removing the hassle of asking an user for an e-mail and having to install something on your computer.

This web chat, like so many others of the time, had its limitations due to the limited available technology.

Latin Chat was based on a JAVA applet and later updated to Macromedia Flash.

No pierdas la gran oportunidad de conocer a cientos de simpáticos transgenero on-line de todo el mundo.