If the other player understood that the animal noises represented chatting, he or she would say, "OK." As of 2007, it was against the Toontown Online rules to exchange codes in-game.

There were two methods of telling other toons codes in the game: Speed Chat and Estate. " [G] Jump seven times [7] Jump five times [5] The other toon would then understand the code was yr2 g75, input the code, and both toons would become Secret Friends with one another.

To communicate to non-Secret Friends that they wanted to become Secret Friends, players would use the Speed Chat phrase "Please be my friend!

" and then type into the chat, which would show up as animal noises to the non-Secret Friend.

We’ve never friendship-stanned two people more swiftly or with such interview Rihanna did with The New York Times Style Magazine for their Spring 2019 issue.

During the convo, the singer and Fenty makeup mogul casually dropped the news that she had moved to London to be closer to her Fenty team.

A source told Radar Online (so take this with a grain of salt) that Rihanna and Meghan had “bumped into each other a few times before Meghan was super famous and have a few mutual acquaintances on the Hollywood social scene who’ve put them in touch again recently.”same According to the source, Rihanna, 31, and Meghan, 36, seem to be cut from the same cloth.

“They actually have a lot in common in terms of style and a shared need for total privacy in their lives,” shared the source.A revolving super group of sorts (the current recording lineup features Melvins’ drummer Dale Crover, and former Coliseum and Trophy Wives member Tony Ash), Neutron and company are no strangers to Milwaukee, with the singer-songwriter’s former band, Victory And Associates, once a part of Milwaukee’s Latest Flame Records.But now, as much as any group with members spread throughout the country can be (other Secret Friends call Athens and San Francisco home), Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends are officially a Milwaukee band.Toons became Secret Friends by exchanging a code (called a "secret").Once they were Secret Friends, toons could chat with each other by typing instead of using the Speed Chat.There was no open chat until Speed Chat Plus was introduced.