Everyone I have talked to has advised me to avoid using macros when possible.

vba screen updating off not working-38

Queries will run in the background if the correct command syntax is used.

What method (action) are you using to execute your queries in the macro? I use the following Macro Options: Action: Open Query View: Datasheet Data Mode: Edit I would like to have each query saved with a different query name, so that I can modify them easily.

Ed Sorry, looks like it's as simple as Application. Here is a clip from a good help page by Tony D'Ambra.

The url is Ed : Resize Form Controls You can use the Inside Height and Inside Width properties of an Access form to dynamically resize controls at run-time.

If you want to display a messge rather than an hour-glass, here is a method I use a lot in Excel that I'm sure would work in MS Access. Just before you need to use it, display the userform using: This will ensure the userform is running modless (i.e.

Make sure the 'Show Modal' property is equal to False. Screen Updating = True when the workbook closes and if this would speed the workbook up at all... Screen Updating = False when the workbook opens and one .I know this is possible in Excel by setting application.screenupdating =false, is there a similar way in Access?Disabling the screen in Access is the same as in Excel. Instead of using a macro, link your button to a subroutine and execute the queries from there.Hi all, I have a macro that executes ~200 queries which modify the data, create some tables etc.