“Tencent is very busy pioneering the offline to online use cases of We Chat Mini Programs,” said Penaloza, “Leveraging this ecosystem, naked Hub GO is available on both We Chat Mini Program and native mobile application.”30) and whether it would need policing, Penaloza was positive about the service: “It’s potentially disruptive to the Third Space market, opening an entirely new segment of users for naked Hub. we have existing community rules–no pyramid selling, etc–but aside from that, no other controls.

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It plans to test new ad formats and add more apps, reported Bloomberg, citing Tencent executive Du Jiahui, who also presented at the company conference.

——————————– Latest Insights: The August 2019 Payments And The Platform Economy Playbook, aims to help platform payments decision-makers identify and manage the risks and rewards inherent in optimizing their operations and navigating real-time challenges.

The move on the part of Tencent is also aimed at diversifying the company as its gaming business is facing a slowdown — and it’s facing more competition.

In addition to revealing Xiaowei, Tencent said it will look to speed up the monetization of advertising on Mini Programs, which is a platform for apps that work with We Chat.

A similar scheme recently was used on more than 50 Chinese men using We Chat platform.

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Although the market for voice-activated digital assistants is booming in the U. as consumers use Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri for all sorts of tasks, in China the market is still in its infancy.