We will engage professional support in creating valid surveys.

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Whenever we communicate out, send surveys, ask for input, and hold polls, we will need to send these out via more diverse sets of channels (mailing lists, organizations, meetups, what have you) in order to include those who have valuable perspectives but may not have the time or resources to more directly take part in the development of Silver.

Understand needs, identify opportunities The methods in this section will emphasize gathering data and insights into user needs of the people who use WCAG, and the people impacted by WCAG.

For example, the deaf-blind community is very small, but their need for digital access to information is particularly acute.

There will be multiple surveys addressed to specific groups -- a survey for developers will be different from a survey addressed toward people with disabilities.

There are other working groups within W3C and other standards organizations who have developed techniques for faster progress, or have cautionary tales of techniques that did not work.

The Silver subgroup team will approach other organizations for advice and techniques for greater flexibility in standards development and maintenance.

This Wiki page is edited by participants of the WCAG Working Group.

It does not necessarily represent consensus and it may have incorrect information or information that is not supported by other Working Group participants, WAI, or W3C. This option for the design of Silver was selected by a rough consensus of the working group at TPAC.

Persona development will focus on the aspects of the persona that are relevant to Silver.