The list of protections provided by Trend Micro Security is long. The whole thing only takes a few minutes—and then you’re free to do great things online safely, as we like to say here at Trend Micro.For more specific details on the installation or upgrade process, please watch the following easy-to-follow videos on our e Support page: How to Install and Upgrade Trend Micro Maximum Security for Windows 10 How to Install and Upgrade Trend Micro Premium Security for Windows 10 How to Install and Upgrade Trend Micro Internet Security for Windows 10 How to Install and Upgrade Trend Micro Antivirus Security for Windows 10 How to Install and Upgrade Antivirus for Mac Once you’ve installed the software, please go to Trend Micro Software Product Guides (scroll down the page) to download the product guides for your Trend Micro Security software for PC or Mac; as well as our offerings for other platforms, including Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android or i OS, or Trend Micro Password Manager on PC, Mac, Android, or i OS.You must manually verify other servers' hardware, run the readiness check on any other manager nodes, or both.

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I don't see any Trend Micro programs on my computer although there are two folders in the Programx86 folders: Internet security 2005 and Internet Security 2006. There is a folder called PCC2006US_1400_1341 that contains an "uninstall" function.

That function does not remove the program so that the Windows10 update can proceed.

Titanium is easy-to-use, yet comprehensive protection for what you do online every day – emailing, socializing, surfing the web — and it won’t pester you with alerts and pop-ups.

We go to great lengths to identify web threats and then make it easy for you to protect yourself and your family from them with Trend Micro Titanium™ Security.

If hardware does not meet minimum system requirements, the installer will either warn you about reduced performance, or block the install.

Only the server's hardware and some other deployment information that is stored in the database is tested.

They range from the solid entry-level Antivirus Plus editions for your PC or Mac to the Premium edition with more advanced features that can protect up to five devices in your household.

One you’ve downloaded the installer, simply double-click it to begin.

House Call: Scans your computer for viruses, spyware, and more.

Smart Surfing for i Phone: Protect yourself and your i Phone from Internet threats.

This includes NTP for reliable time stamps and DNS for name resolution.