I am a MSSQL database administrator with little experience with Crystal Reports.At my job, we have a need to add a couple of fields to a report.Click the ‘Save’ button to update the new data source information in the Current Data Source list.

The Map Fields process helps you to make sure your reports print with the current version of the active database.11.

In the Map Fields dialog, uncheck ‘Match Type’ checkbox.

User has a custom report or invoice that no longer works in the new version of Bill Quick.

As technology advances, Bill Quick uses the latest or updated versions of Crystal Reports engine.

Once the installation directory is set, you can open Crystal Reports by selecting Design/Edit Invoices, Reports from the Reports menu.

Using Crystal Reports, you can upgrade previous versions of Microsoft Access or SQL Server compatible Bill Quick report templates to Crystal Reports version 9 or later. .) button next to the Database Name to navigate to the Bill Quick database you have upgraded to.This is mostly with invoices that have sub reports. In the Edit Parameter Field window, set the Value Type field to ‘string’.• When converting non-billable expense entries to Bill Quick 2009, the value of ‘amount’ is calculated and displayed unlike the earlier versions of Bill Quick.In this case, open the sub report in Crystal 9 or later. Scroll to the Parameter Fields in the navigator window. Right click on Pm-Transaction Table-Transaction ID. However, the entry remains red to signify its non-billable property.After Crystal Reports is installed, you can specify in User Preferences-Folders screen where Crystal Reports Designer is located.A message displays if Bill Quick cannot find the Crystal Reports program.Or you may determine that a different database driver should be used to connect to the database.