Mo’ Creatures also loads your inventory with new items to make your mining experience better.The great thing about this mod is, every animal has its own specialties/skills which makes it even better. When i went to open it, it was stuck at Done loading.

updating minecraft done loading-57

My system: Arch x86_64 (up to date), Gnome 3.4.2, cpu intel i5 (4 cores), gpu NVidia gts 250, 4gb ram I don't really know, but it never worked for me with openjdk7.

Now, my Minecraft works fine when I install the minecraft from the AUR with openjdk6 (and although it's probably not needed, icedtea-web), so maybe you should replace your openjdk7 with openjdk6.

I read here ( that "Minecraft 1.6 currently does not work because of issues in LWJGL" on Mac OSX 10.5 -- could I be stuck with the same problem in Linux?

Does anyone know what's causing this problem or how to fix it?

It is the foundation of the majority of current mods of Minecraft.

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