The support ticket I opened sent me around and around, chasing solutions that never worked but consumed tons of time to try.

Meanwhile, the support forums were full of people having similar problems.

Since my Mac had the maps already downloaded, I started the process afresh there before going to sleep.

updating maps on tomtom gps-39

Can you actually update your device easily with new maps?

When it comes to Tom Tom, that's a test it has failed for me with three different units, making me want to navigate elsewhere for my GPS needs.

By the time my map is updated, it'll be out-of-date In the meantime, I decided I'd try updating my Tom Tom 340.

That turned into a day-long process that required two separate computers to complete.

After three hours, the maps themselves still hadn't downloaded. Everything else was streaming through the interwebs just fine.

Tom Tom just appeared to be pushing the maps out very slowly.

For several hours, all I saw was this: Eventually, I gave up trying to update through my Mac.

I unplugged, fired up my Windows 8 laptop and started the process again.

Buying a new unit was easier than trying to get the old -- but perfectly functional -- unit still going.

Update woes continue on new devices The new unit worked fine and had some nice features my older unit didn't have. But updating turned into a nightmare that I in a previous column.

So why is Tom Tom demanding proof of purchase again? But when we do, at least it would be nice if the support team showed some degree of actual support on its end and didn't confuse things with confusing responses.