standard DVD players, except that Blu-Ray players take longer to load disks.

updating firmware on a bdp s301 with 3 30 version-61

Pinaychat - Updating firmware on a bdp s301 with 3 30 version

how many times do you watch 2 or more movies or concerts in one sitting?

)Lighted keypad in remote would be appreciated, or day glow pads.

All of the audio is so distinct on each channel, just as it is on DTS movies. I went to Sony's site, downloaded the ISO file, burned it to a regular CD-ROM, loaded it in the BDP-S301 player and in about 20 minutes or so, the firmware was upgraded to the latest version.

Even movies converted from Di VX to DVD format look spectacular. I saw a similar unit in Best Buy, but as usual, I found it on e Bay for a much better price.

It's hard to use in the dark.(which is the way movies and concerts should be viewed.)If no light system, larger raised keypads, so as to differentiate between each would work.

I bought it refurbed, I have no worries about hardware that has had a once over. Frankly, I've not found a huge difference in the Blu-Ray players vs.It does a beautiful job of playing all media; and, has the ability to "boost" your SD items up to High Def.It comes with a great Sony multipurpose remote control, which can be programmed to control most of your other Home Theater equipment.This will work until the day the only format available is Blu-Ray of course.I have a home theater with a 1080p projector and a 1080i Rear projection TV.Therefore, I am forced to either direct-connect the video from the BDP-300 to my Hitachi 52" flat screen, and connect the audio via optical cable to my A/V amplifier; OR, live without Progressive Scan.