After all, why would an update from Microsoft mess up the working of the already installed Excel application? There are times when an Excel file doesn’t open after a recent MS excel upgrade or Windows upgrade.What are the reasons behind such an issue and what can users do to repair Excel after upgrade?

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But do you think even after possessing such an impressive suite of features MS Excel is a full-proof application? There are a lot of unforeseen situations that Excel users can face when working with the application. We were recently contacted by a user who claimed that: I recently upgraded to Excel 2016 and I am unable to open existing Excel files from outside Excel 2016 using the shortcuts or double clicking on icons.

When I was using Excel 2013, it was working fine on Windows 7 Professional.” Problems like these are of course confusing.

Step 4: So, we first check whether the filtered resultset is empty using “EOF" property. Add New method to insert a new record into the table and set the values for the product name and price.

(In our example, this piece of code will not be executed).

For that we need to filter the recordset based on the Product Name using: where s Product contains product name from each row in the Excel (one by one in a loop).

You can add multiple criteria in the filter string using the “&" operator. So, now the recordset now contains either a single row with the desired product name or is empty if that product name does not exist. Filter = "Product Name = '" & s Product & "'" If rst Products.

Sometimes for Word recent documents show but it is sporadic and it does not work in Excel at all.

Microsoft Excel is an advanced spreadsheet software program by Microsoft, included in the MS Office suite of applications.

This is how the table will look after the execution of the code.