I debated posting a positive review only because by doing so it generates more competition for myself, but figured there is plenty of opportunity for everyone.

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My template is gorgeous and they did everything in their power to educate me and to accomodate me with the problems I was having with the site that sold me bogus profiles and asked meto upgrade my disk space.

Turnkey Nation is actually the only good experience I have had thus far with trying my hand in the dating site biz.

It may seem like making the decision to buy an ecommerce business is like diving into shark-infested waters.

The truth is, if you want your business to succeed in the modern world, you must buy a website and establish an online presence.

2017 and today is now March 16, 2017, and I STILL HAVE NOT HEARD ANYTHING BACK FROM THEM ABOUT MY PURCHASE!! I will be taking further action due to the fact that I have not received a refund, nor the product I purchased, and no response to my last email. The point being, DON' T DO BUSINESS WITH TURNKEY NATION/OVIS HOSTING! (They will be reported to the BBB and any other company that varifies the legitimacy and reputation of any businesses!

) I was skeptical because I saw both positive and negative reviews online of Turnkey Nation, but after talking to them they made me feel comfortable with my business decisions, so I decided to choose them. They set me up with a dropship website, loaded the products, provided me the supplier info, and set up the site so that it automatically updates with the supplier, and also gave me free traffic credits.My site was down because someting went wrong with the script he blamed me for it and asked me to pay him a extra to fix and re build the site for him stay away from this scamer Turnkey Nation is your source for instant Turnkey Website Business Solutions.These are not templates, but completely functional Turnkey Websites.On a global scale, there are countless sub-categories covering millions of businesses in the ecommerce industry.The largest and most successful ecommerce companies in the world include Amazon, Facebook, Google, Priceline Group, e Bay, Netflix, and Groupon.So it's easier to remain silent, or even post a false review to scare others away.