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STX Soul progamer Calm has gained attention because of his babysitting skills.

Even crying babies fell asleep in Calm's arms while he took watchful care over them.

When the volunteer session ended, the nurses were reluctant to let Calm go, telling him "you can come again whenever you want".

According to DES he did really well in caring for the babies, having had a lot of experience taking care of infants and young children, since he is the oldest son of 7 children.

He knew how to change diapers, pacify crying babies and feed them with milk formula etc. id=59580-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pictures of other STX players a couple weeks ago: More Here:

id=59579Calm's volunteer session is part of the STX Group's volunteer campaign.

2 weeks ago, hyvaa, Trap, Dear, Last, To Ss Gir L and 3 STX Special Force players also spent some time volunteering at this infant center.

I just translated the article on Calm but there's also one on Bogus.

Bogus also went to the center today, together with Calm.

On 24th April, Calm visited a Seoul infant center in Yeoksam-dong to take care of newborns awaiting adoption.