"I'm looking for love and obviously I haven't been doing the right things," the model and former contestant on "America's Next Model" told CNN.

"If Donald Trump and TV One can help me out, then baby I am down for it." Jones, who has also appeared on "Celebrity Fit Club," is coming back to the small screen as the star of season two of "The Ultimate Merger." The dating reality show, which is produced by Donald Trump, was popular on cable network TV One and starred former "Apprentice" contestant, Omarosa.

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This time around, a group of bachelors will be competing for the heart of Jones, who is currently doing the Hennessy Remixed tour, where she promotes the alcoholic beverage as part of her duties as "Lady Hennessy." Jones said the drink was a favorite of her father.

Fans watched Jones slim down a few seasons ago on "Celebrity Fit Club," and she has since lost even more weight.

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World-renowned singer Adele Whitney Thompson’s plus size dating site, The Big And The Beautiful.com, has offered the beautifully curvy Adele, 1 million & #163 to front Thompson’s dating site.

According to the Daily Star, Thompson said “Adele is a ridiculously talented bombshell, I would be proud to work alongside her to continue to show the world what curvy girls are made of “.

She recently was one of the former "Top Model" girls who appeared in post show interviews in "America's Next Top Model: Exposed".

She has been on the covers of "Be, The Next Level Magazine" (November 2005), "Black Men" magazine, "Black Hair" magazine, "Braids" magazine, and "King" magazine (February/March 2006, March/April 2006, and April 2008). She also occasionally appears on "The Tyra Banks Show". She also hosted "America's Next Thick and Sexy Model" on the show.

She is currently dating Jason Newsome from Toccara has a perfect height of 5′ 9″ (1.75 m) and weighs 161 lbs (73 kg).