To adjust the size of the Reading Pane, place your pointer on the divider bar and drag the bar.

The Reading Pane lets you read email messages from your Inbox without opening the email.

Address Book is where you can store contact details.

Your personal address books, which consists of contacts you maintain.

By default a Contacts, Distributions Lists, and an Emailed Contacts address book are created in Address Book.

You can create additional address books and share them with others.

Note: You can add contacts to any of your address books.

Only a name is required to create a contact, or you can create detailed contact forms that include full name, multiple email addresses, work, home, and other addresses, phone numbers, and an image. The Emailed Contacts address book is populated automatically when you send an email to a new address that is not in one of your other address books.

If you are moving a few messages within a conversation, the conversation appears in both places.

The Conversation Detail View window shows the new location of the message that was moved. Click Undo that appears at the top of the page to move the message back to its original location.

Most filtering of unsolicited automated email (also known as spam or junk mail) is handled by a spam filter before those email messages reach your Inbox.

Email that might possibly be junk mail, but is not certain to be junk, is placed in your Junk folder.

If you are receiving a large number of unwanted email messages, contact us.