I just moved to Sydney and I am super lonely cause I do not have any friends, I am looking to make new friends, male or female. I moved from Melbourne to Sydney a while back and looking for new friends to try restaurants, bars, maybe go to a beach.

Modern technology really shaped the way in which we work, entertain ourselves, and connect with our friends and family. It really shaped the way in which we search for love and intimacy.

Oh and I currently have broken ribs from an accident so I'm spending alot of time on the couch online.. I have a good sense of humour, like watching Netflix, playing badminton or just aimlessly wandering around.

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The question is how to use it in the most effective and productive way.

The best of all- it’s completely FREEThe search bar will help you filter ads that don’t have a photo or the ads from people who are really far away from you.

But to increase your chances of actually finding someone learn a few of them that are the most relevant to you.

Incorporate them in your ad so that other users can easily find you and understand what are you searching for on the site.it's nice when you've got someone you click with Hey, I am an aussie-born asian male from south-west sydney. Hey there, im looking to expand my social circle and hopefully chat with some like minded people.I am 165cm, ~75kg and working full-time as a graduate engineer. I'm a pretty chill guy with a good sense of humour.i don't get out much because of uni, work and other commitments and my schedule never lines up with anyone i know.i miss hanging out with people and having that social connection.On Craigslist website find the Personals page for your state and your city.