The bandwidth controls configurable via the plugin configuration page affect the overall I2P bandwidth usage, not that for uploading and downloading torrents (I2P has network overheads as discussed above and also to participate in the I2P network you must donate some of your bandwidth to other peer's tunnels.) If you want to control torrent downloading/uploading limits then you can use the Speed Limit Scheduler to define 'Peer Sets' specific to I2P Peers (and non-I2P peers), and then rate limit them as required.

There is also the option to link the I2P limits to the overall Vuze limits. select the 'external router' option in the Vuze plugin configuration and install and manage I2P separately) then you will probably be familiar with the I2P Router Console.

This gives you access to all sorts of interesting information about the I2P system and the ability to configure it etc.

Normally the SOCKS proxy is used internally and selects a random available port to listen on.

If you want to use it for browsing then you should select a fixed port so you don't need to keep configuring your browser: In this example port 61851 has been selected.

Note that the older plugin for I2P integration is still available and named 'I2P Network Plugin' Many packaged distributions of Vuze for linux variants have the auto-update functionality disabled (the package maintainer wanted explicit control over updates due to the way that the distribution pulls dependent libraries out of the Vuze application, e.g. If you are running such a version then you will most likely have problems joining the beta program.

If this is the case you will either need to Downloading over I2P will be slower than over the public internet for fairly obvious reasons - connections are routed through various peers to provide anonymity/privacy - these other peers forward the network traffic to other peers.

First join the Beta_Program and wait for Vuze to update itself with the latest software.

The plugin is available from the plugin installation wizard within Vuze - look for 'I2P Helper'.

Peer Sets support a rate limit of 'Disabled' which when set prevents all transfer of data in the specified direction (up or down).

This can be used, for example, to only download data from non-I2P peers while uploading and downloading to I2P ones.

Note also that 'Always start SOCKS server' has been enabled - if this is not selected then Vuze will only start the server when required for internal use and when it isn't running you won't be able to browse .i2p addresses. Firefox is a good choice here as you need to be able to configure it to defer DNS resolution to the SOCKS proxy - let's assume you have gone along with this.