At least they’ll know what’s expected of them which is gold in my book.Stag I can’t help but think Stag is a fairly new term and possibly coined for want of a better word to describe a husband who isn’t a cuckold but enjoys sharing his wife.

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I actually don’t mind these terms since they are relatively neutral, if not mildly positive.

They don’t seem to invite misconceptions as much as other labels either.

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But how the heck did someone come up with these names? Bull As I thought, the term Bull is intended to conjure up an image of a strong, dominant male that is led into the bedroom to service a woman (usually a Hotwife).

Much like the animal itself, when presented with a female, a Bull immediately knows what to do and doesn’t stop until the job is done.

If these Tumblr bloggers work at it hard enough, both terms may end up being mainstream labels in no time! As women, we’re fairly accustomed to being called a fox or foxy so it’s not a big stretch to be called a Vixen I suppose. Update – I was contacted by a Tumblr author who lays claim to coining Stag and Vixen and his definitions are very good.

However, Vixen hasn’t always been a positive term (it traditionally refers to women who bust balls) so I’m not sure how happy I am to adopt the term myself.

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