The latest of these is Spb Mobile Shell 3 which is available as a free 14 day trial from Spb Software, full price .95.

It's hard to say that Mobile Shell 3.0 is an update to the previous versions of this popular utility because of the dramatic changes present with 3.0.

Just looking at the home page of both versions, the casual observer would think they are looking at two unique applications.

As with all desktop widgets in Spb Mobile Shell 3, you can move the contact to a different screen of your finger friendly scrolling desktop display, and resize it.

To do this, open the Menu again and select Edit Layout.

Spb Mobile Shell 3 is a superbly configurable interface for Windows Mobile devices that completely re-states what it means to use a Windows Phone device.

SPB has released the much anticipated updated version of Mobile Shell 2.0.

A three-screen-wide desktop allows for the effective arrangement of favourite applications, tools and contacts, while a variety of different functions (address book, calendar, settings and others) can be accessed via a carousel system.

The first thing to do once you have installed Spb Mobile Shell 3 is to setup your desktop.

We received an advance copy of Mobile Shell 3.0 about a week ago and found it to be very feature rich and more customizable than its predecessor.

You know the drill, to find out more about Mobile Shell 3.0 plus plenty of screen shots, simply follow the break.

To do this, press the Menu button on the lower right of the display and select Change Background.