;) Reply What I need help with most I am getting from your website!

I needed INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION to get this train going to get out of debt by June 1, 2015 and save K in Side Hustles by Christmas!

Finally, and more about Nicole Lapin here: Nicole Jay loves talking about money, collecting coins, blasting hip-hop, and hanging out with his three beautiful boys. I’m young, I’ve got time & compounding to be incredibly thankful for — I’m always looking for more resources to enhance my investing knowledge!

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I know for a fact there are some male employees at my level making more than me, and I would like to bring it up in my review in a professional but serious manner! Reply Mine would definitely paying down debt and not getting back into debt because the man in my life (who is a spender) says he supports getting out of debt but still likes to spend as if we have no money concerns! Reply My biggest pain point is spending money out dining and getting the most for my investing.

My debt is otherwise well-handled and I want to know options on emergency funds and where to place them.

Reply Paying off my student loans (slowly but surely), starting a 401K and asking for what I deserve in my career!

My review is coming up and I’m unsure how to ask for the salary I want.

In RICH BITCH, money expert and financial journalist Nicole Lapin lays out a 12-Step Plan in which she shares her experiences, mistakes and all, of getting her own finances in order. Lapin rethinks every piece of financial wisdom you’ve ever heard and puts her own fresh, modern, sassy spin on it. Here are the 12 steps she covers in the book to give you a better idea of her style/tips: Leave your answers down below in the comments, and we’ll choose the two winners after midnight next Sunday, March 15th. Tired of hearing the same ol’ same ol’ that “women are more risk averse” and “women don’t invest” and we want to stick on the safe side….

Sure, there are some hard-and-fast rules about finance, but when it comes to your money, the only person who can spend it is you. You can learn more about the book here: Rich Bitch: A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together… I say bring it on, and this book seems to truly embody that concept!

Everything else is hypothetical, even transportation costs depending on where I can find that is affordable to live.

Add at least 200 /month for MUNI in SF is what I’ve found so far.

), but the school loans and living expenses loom large on the future debt spectrum.