If you search the Internet for reviews on sites, you will come across mostly biased reviews.

So how do you determine which one(s) to sign-up for?

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Other online dating sites require you to construct some kind of ideal persona based on what you think others may be looking for – but e Harmony’s in-depth questionnaire gets to know the real you and matches you with other people in a truly authentic way. In fact, our scientists believe that while most long-lasting relationships begin with great chemistry, it’s not the thing that keeps relationships alive year after year.

We strongly recommend you not join these dating sites ( We reviewed more than 50 dating sites and used the same criteria in judging each one.

If they didn’t meet the following characteristics we look for in a dating site, we gave them the review they deserved – a negative one.

The three best dating sites for single parents are: These are our top dating sites for single parents.

Our results on these Unless you *like* punishment, we strongly suggest that you do NOT join the websites listed below. Avoid these scams, and steer clear of these websites altogether.

Before signing up for any dating site, read through our of each site – even the lousy sites.