When asked about sleeping with Silverman while she was still married to his friend, Cowell confessed, "I regret that part…

The couple was spotted in a vehicle in New York City looking less than loving.

They later insisted they were simply "laughing and talking" during their discussion.

During their stop in Barbados, Silverman supposedly stayed at a hotel up the road from Cowell's apartment, where he was allegedly partying non-stop.

Since Cowell was unable to have contact with Silverman's son at the time, the separate arrangements seemed to work out for the couple, but witnesses couldn't help but think the entire trip was a bit odd.

The only reason Cowell and Silverman were forced to go public with their relationship was because they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Cowell shocked the world when he announced he was having a baby with Silverman, who just so happened to be his friend's wife!

She became a "bored housewife," Eisenberg said, claiming "she was lonely and you 'can't put a credit card under your arm when you go out to dinner.'" Silverman reportedly lived a charmed life when she was married to the real estate mogul, but it wasn't enough to keep her committed to him.

According to , Cowell and Silverman had been having an affair for four years before Silverman became pregnant.

Cowell and Silverman are no different, but instead of admitting they face problems just like everyone else, these two prefer to deny, deny, deny!

spotted Cowell and Silverman in the midst of what appeared to be a heated argument.

When it was time for Silverman to see Cowell, she reportedly "paced the lobby [of the hotel] and talked about needing to meet her 'appointment,'" the reported.