In 30 days, the chatbot communicated with 479 people, out of which 170 of the most relevant were put in contact with HR managers. For STRV, we have created a chatbot for collecting consent as part of the new GDPR Regulation.Our technology has taken an unpleasant theme and made it fun, while also achieving an excellent conversion rate. What are our expectations for an AI with a female voice and feminine personality?

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By assigning gender to these AI personalities, we may be saying something about the roles we expect them to play.

Are technology companies catering to our desire for robotic assistants with personality, or are they reinforcing our biases about gender, and the roles that women play?

The operation ran from June 23 to July 28, and led to 503 arrests, including eight who were charged with soliciting a minor and 18 charged with trafficking, according to the sheriff’s office.

Thirty-four people, including three minors, were recovered and offered services.

On that note, here is the list of the 15 best AI-powered chatbots apps you should learn from.

pple recently opened pre-orders for their new Home Pod, a speaker and smart home device that brings their virtual assistant Siri into your home in the same way Amazon’s Echo devices and Google’s Home devices have allowed Alexa and Google’s assistant to help control your lights, play music, and add items to your shopping lists.

This new device gives us another opportunity to explore one of the major issues in AI design today: assigning gender roles to the devices and AI personalities we utilize every day.

This is an overarching issue that is prevalent in design and often reinforced by the little choices we make every day as designers.

Major instant message apps have seriously considered integrating AI assistant service that enables users to execute many tasks.

On the other hand, a great number of standalone chatbots mobile apps have also emerged to empower users with ability to communicate, access information and make decisions in real time.

More than 500 people were arrested in a national sex-trafficking sting that used an artificial intelligence chat bot to interact with potential sex buyers.