With more than 120 million registered users, Kik is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world.Its biggest group of users are young, with around 40% of American teenagers having reportedly tried the service. But they share the network with another big contingent: bots.But last July, it invited brands to set up their own profiles on Kik and approach its users with automated messages too.

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The group is probably English speaking and probably not from Russia, a country known for being the source of many other types of spam.

What’s more, it appears this spam team has been running porn bots like these since around 2010, on other services like MSN Chat.

They might inadvertently lead their bots to meet a porn bot.

In which case, something remarkable might just happen."With more than 120 million registered users, Kik is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world.

Mc Daid has scoured through the conversations of one of the most common Kik porn bots, and noticed that it re-used the same conversations from another porn bot that was active on MSN in 2010, and potentially on Google's GChat in 2011.

“This helps confirm our belief that this is the same code and probably the same group re-using their techniques by moving onto new messaging platforms once they become popular,” Mc Daid says.

Spammers also make money from simple click-throughs they get from links, or from stealing users’ credit card details outright. Last May it boosted its privacy controls and blurred the images that users received on their lock screens to counter the problem.

The Ontario-based startup has been grappling with porn bots for two years now, according to Dan Hendry, who leads Kik’s server team and wages an ongoing digital war on spam.

The spammers may be in this for the long haul because they're making good money.