Governor Kristi Noem is digging in to her opposition for industrial hemp legalization.

In her weekly column, Noem says legalizing industrial hemp legalizes marijuana by default.

The group is called Youth Voices in Prevention, or V. The program helps create support systems and give kids positive outlets. Eighth through 12th graders choose from a wide array of activities geared towards prevention.

Accepts civil legal issues and tribal criminal and civil issues.

A secure website where lower income South Dakota residents can ask an attorney for help with a legal issue.

He joins In The Moment to discuss his mission to create "radical queer country music." Holm and his father, Dr. The products have been on the market for about 10 years and their popularity is increasing dramatically.

A new human relations task force has been appointed in Rapid City.

The State Bar of South Dakota Pro Bono Program is a private, nonprofit program whose mission is to encourage local attorneys to do free legal work for civil matters in their communities.

For criminal matters, please contact your local public defender’s office.

A2J also provides legal assistance through a modest means (low cost) legal assistance program to individuals living at 200% or below the federal poverty income guidelines who are not veterans, elderly or individuals with disabilities.

A private, non-profit legal organization that provides free legal assistance to low income persons in 33 counties in western South Dakota and all reservations within the state of South Dakota.

Rosebud and the Fort Belknap Indian Community have sued President Trump for violating treaties.

South Dakota parents, educators and health officials are facing a four-year gap in data about risky youth. Hemp crop insurance is on the way despite Governor Noem’s opposition.

They’re a mix of political affiliations, races and genders.