Respondents reported a total of 958 patients who had engaged in such intimacies.A 2 X 2 X 2 frequency table was formed among patient gender, whether or not the patient was harmed, and whether sexual intimacies were initiated before or after termination.The three criteria were that the member: (1) had earned a doctoral degree in the clinical or counseling area, (2) was currently licensed, and (3) appeared, according to the listing, to be currently providing clinical or counseling services to patients (e.g., was not retired).

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There is no meaningful way to infer from such studies, however, how many patients who have been sexually intimate with a therapist subsequently seek professional services from other therapists.

There has been no national study investigating the degree to which psychologists encounter in their work patients who have been sexually intimate with a prior therapist.

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The pioneering study in this area was conducted by Bouhoutsos and her colleagues (1983).

This creative, landmark research found that about 45% of the psychologists surveyed reported treating such patients.

The findings, however, must be viewed cautiously because of at least three major factors: (1) the survey was limited to psychologists in only one state (California), (2) the return rate was exceptionally small (16%), and (3) there were no published attempts at replication.

In addition, data on patients who became intimate with a therapist more than three months after termination and on patients who made false allegations were not collected.

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