Leverage the power of Engati’s conversation builder. Conversation modeling made simpler - Engati’s philosophy of “Simply intelligent” is applied in the design of conversation building to make bot building a breeze. Contextual Conversations Most bot platforms provide for point to point answer to specific questions without maintaining context.

Porn site operator Pornhub has moved into the steamy bot scene with its own Aria chatbot that will keep you up to speed on the latest in porn news.

Pornhub cast its zany Aria character, which has been around for two years, as a chatbot on the Blend chatbot platform, which has launched its applications programming interface for novice and professional developers to create their own Genie chatbots.

“Since the release of the Genie Store, our overall engagement has more than doubled.

We’re excited to tap into the creativity of developers and allow them to design Genies that will actually reach mainstream users, versus the insulated tech community.

‒Vidit Gupta Web Designer Webarch Simple though powerful bot building platform.

I like how the platform works around simplicity that provides easier way to learn and work to build bots.Better accuracy and more relevant interactions with your bot users. We are crushing it with the power of our technology Multi-Platform Support Major Messaging Platforms Supported - Messenger, Slack, Skype, Kik, Telegram, Line, Viber, Chatbot web widget integration on your website too, one of the most actively supported broad list of platforms for you to build your bot on Human takeover and livechat Ability to stop bot responses and take over a conversation with a user mid flow. Load documents that contain the complete set in written language and watch Engati learn the subject in seconds. “Simply intelligent” bot building from Engati I am also impressed with how quickly the software continues to evolve and grow.You can also use Engati as a full fledged live chat platform with the added benefit of unassisted mode driven by NLP intelligence (AI) Bot building and Customizations at only USD 22 per hour Customizations and bot building from the Engati platform team available at a low per hour - we have build thousands of bots, try us out to build yours FAQ Builder Stop creating manual FAQ’s. Hello Engati Support, Thank you so much for all the help you've given us.The Pornhub Aria Genie will aggregate Pornhub news and provide users with real-time notifications about the adult entertainment company’s happenings.It’s a nice moment for San Francisco-based Blend, which launched its Genie Store in mid-October.The chatbot will also allow users to select their favorite pornstar and receive real-time notifications when a new video featuring that individual is uploaded to Pornhub or Red Tube. Instead, Blend’s viral throttler will monitor various Twitter accounts and send content from those accounts when they are updated.