Maybe it is easier for American, for example, to find woman for marriage in Serbia than in USA, according to his social strata, but really strong relations and further strong family could appear only if there is real love and great sympathy for each other.

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I will warn you that using different Serbian dating services might not help you to find real Serbian woman whom you could marry.

The first reason for that are scammers who have already registered their fake profiles and only waiting for such American guy, ready to spend his money in hope to find virtual Serbian love and, maybe, getting married later.

But that does not mean Serbian women are just sitting at home and do not work.

On the contrary, they have time for work, caring children, cleaning the house and cooking for lovely husband.

You should understand all we get easy we do not really appreciate and the same with relations with women.

So, if you liked some girl in Serbia, try to impress her, you have to make efforts to conquer her heart and in this case only, if she finally would pay attention to you, that would mean you found the right one.

You have to understand if you want something to achieve really badly, you must make a plan.

My plan for you is to read information on Serbian history and get to know this culture better.

Learn few most frequently used phrases in Serbian (that would help you to impress Serbian girl in virtual or real communication).