That was the case with Tara Reid, who portrayed Danni Sullivan in 11 episodes.

The relationship between JD and Danni was interesting for a handful of reasons. It was a role that lasted only two episodes during season four, but it was memorable.

Another cool tidbit: Perry's real father portrayed Gregory in this episode.

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Matthew Perry didn't stop at just giving a strong performance as an actor.

He also got behind the camera and directed this episode.

He, however, only appeared in the first 6 episodes of Season 9 and then disappeared.

He is apparently not going to come back and is replaced as narrator and daydreamer…

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However, 10 episodes earlier her and JD had spent their day in bed.

Why would he want JD to bang his wife so he would be repulsed by her?

Smart has strong comedic timing and it showed during this stint.