He was challenged to do a one-man show, as was his co-host, Rebecca Huxtable, his producer, The One That Doesn't Speak, and his ex-co-host, Mark Chapman.

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In addition to his radio work, he has also appeared on various television shows, playing both as a character and as himself.

His main acting role was as reporter Paul Lang in the BBC medical drama Casualty, appearing in episodes in both 20.

Some songs for the musical were composed and sent in by listeners to his radio show.

The musical is available for viewing on the BBC Radio 1 website.

He also hosted a BBC Three television show called Radio 1 on Three, inspired by his radio show.

In February 2011, Mills presented a documentary for BBC Three called The World's Worst Place to Be Gay? They came 11th in the competition after being eliminated in week 6.He had always hidden his personal life and act as a mysterious man before.But from 2012, he became open about his personal life and expressed his love story in his autobiography. But after the sudden death of his boyfriend, he became misery and lonely.It was extremely difficult for him to move on; however, his friend, Robbin William stayed with him.Robbin was the one to put the medicine on his unhealed wounds.The television personality, Scott Robert Mills better known as Scott Mills is highly recognized due to his work on BBC Radio 1. That's the reason he has millions of well-wishers and followers.