Stock has stated that, if she had to pick a career outside of wrestling, she would consider the field of sports psychology and nutrition.Stock began training as a professional wrestler in Winnipeg, Manitoba's Top Rope Championship Wrestling.In October, she returned to Canada and wrestled in Albertan independent promotions under the ring name Sarah Griffin.

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On June 1, 2007, Stock, under her real name, made her debut for Shimmer Women Athletes, an all-female wrestling promotion based in Berwyn, Illinois.

She was brought in the promotion for Volume 11 as an "international wildcard competitor" in the tournament to crown the inaugural Shimmer Champion.

She returned to take part in the final Fuka Matsuri event on March 28, 2010, during which she teamed with fellow CMLL wrestler Hiroka in a tag team match, where they were defeated by Leon and Tigre Fuka.

A week later, Dark Angel made her debut for World Wonder Ring Stardom, during which she affiliated herself with Io Shirai's Planet stable.

In a six-woman tag team match, which celebrated Dark Angel's ten-year anniversary in professional wrestling, she, Shirai and Arisa Hoshiki defeated Eri Susa, Hiroyo Matsumoto and Miho Wakizawa.

After wins over Saki Kashima, Kairi Hojo and Kyoko Kimura and a loss against Miho Wakizawa, Dark Angel headed to final day of the tournament at the top of her round-robin block, however, a loss to Natsuki☆Taiyo meant that she missed advancing to the finals of the tournament.

During August and September, Sarita teamed with Taylor Wilde in a tournament, where the winners would be crowned the inaugural Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

After defeating the teams of Alissa Flash and Daffney On November 15 at Turning Point, Sarita, Wilde and ODB defeated The Beautiful People (Lacey Von Erich, Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky) in a six-woman tag team match; as a result, Sarita and Wilde retained the Knockouts Tag Team Championship and ODB the TNA Women's Knockout Championship.

Griffin was successful in the majority of these matches.