If you don't already know, Boomerangs record up to 20 frames of video, then loop that video back and forth (hence the name).

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Sticky notes and the refrigerator go perfectly together, like chocolate and peanut butter.

They're particularly popular among families with young kids, so they've been a key part of our personal lives for many years now.

Mobile gaming has exploded in recent years, with experts predicting 2.4 billion global mobile players by the end of 2019.

It already accounts for 47% of the worldwide gaming market, besting console and PC.

However, it's not possible at this time to make collages directly in the Instagram app.

When you tap the Layout button on Instagram, you're sent to the Layout app itself.

Sometimes, these items on our to-do list can become tedious and cause us to lose motivation.

What if you could take those tasks and turn them into something awesome instead? As with our desktop browser, our phones often have multiple tabs open at the same time.

The Google Assistant is available almost everywhere.