While she earns ,000 per year for modeling, she makes ,000-,000 as a show host and ,000 as a movie actress on an annual basis.

Yet, she hasn’t shared pictures of her latest boyfriend on her social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter., Rocsi and her beau Joe were spotted at the Miami Beach together.

The duo played in the water for some time and then went towards their private section for sunbathing.

Rocsi Diaz’s ex-partners, in contrast, are all affluent as her exes Bruno Mars and Eddie Murphy are worth $150 million and $120 million dollars respectively.

Rocsi Diaz is currently in a rumored relationship with a singer, Joe Thomas.

Rocsi Diaz bio states her to be a television personality and model.

However, this beauty has managed to become much more than that.

Rocsi recently sat her Hollyweird hoppin’ hind-parts down with YRB magazine to talk passion, plans for the future and why the next host should stay in her lane.

The Misconception Of Who I Am: “I’m not what people think I am.

I have also ventured into the realm of acting, as well as writing and producing movies.